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Moving can be a very stressful time for many people. An international move adds another level of stress to moving. However, being prepared can be the key to keeping your sanity and your budget on track. By using our helpful international moving tips, you can be prepared for what lies ahead, and know that you’ll be ready when the unexpected does happen.

Your international move will likely be a unique event in your life. The following tips from our international moving company will help you complete a successful overseas move. Moving overseas can be a complicated process, as you are leaving a culture you are accustomed to and moving into a brand new environment. For this reason, Swift provides you these international moving tips.

Helpful International Moving Tips

First and foremost, choosing the best international moving company for your family will always be helpful. Do your research; ask family and friends for references and choose an international moving company that is courteous, helpful, and detailed with costs. Ask moving companies specifically about their experience in moving to your destination country.

Next, make sure you know what you need to move. For example, if you’ve been storing a big screen TV in the basement that has a bad picture or never gets used, perhaps now is the time to sell it or donate it. You will save money on your relocation if you only move the things you use. The same holds true for extra sets of lamps, mattresses, even dishes. If these items are moved, each box will take time and money to move. Be smart about what you bring. Understand that dishes, furniture, and some items of clothing can be replaced.

Once you’ve sold or donated all the things you don’t use anymore, you need to ensure that you protect your valuable belongings during the move. Professional moving companies sell moving supplies that are specifically made for keeping delicate and fragile items safe during the move. Talk to your local moving company if you have special antiques that you need to protect. They can offer ideas on how to keep the items safe during the move.

One of the most important things to do is preparing all the documents you’ll need to successfully enter the country you’re moving to. Visas, passports, and other documents may be required, and certain items are restricted or prohibited from entry into the country. Click here for customs information on over 150 countries.

Moving Day Tips

When moving day arrives, make sure you have the address of your new home written down, contact information for the moving company and cell phone numbers of the drivers. You will want to have copies of your birth certificates, school records, doctors’ information and immunization records. Carry these items with you for safety purposes.

Finally, make sure your family has what they will need until the movers arrive at your new home. Keep special items such as blankets, toys or books close at hand for children. Also, make sure you have snacks and beverages for the car or plane trip. Pack appropriately for your international move, and pack suitcases with as much as you will need. Sometimes it can be worth checking an extra piece of luggage it if means entertaining your children or keeping yourself from hunger.

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